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    Ground work for transifex-ify ceilometer. · baad3c80
    Lianhao Lu authored
    Following http://wiki.openstack.org/Translations to integrate transifex
    translation into ceilometer and to fix bug 1082805.
    This is the ground work to enable translation jobs using transifex and
    Jenkin's in ceilometer. We added the empty file
    ceilometer/locale/ceilometer.pot to avoid the failure of the Jenkin'
    translation-jobs because git doesn't allow empty directory to be added
    into the repository.
    We still need to do the following things once this patch gets accepted:
    1. Make the transifex ceilometer project
    (https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/ceilometer/) as part of the
    openstack transifex project hub and give access to the transifex
    openstack Jenkins account.
    2. Add the translation-jobs into openstack/openstack-ci-puppet for
    3. Recheck and/or clean the LOG.foobar strings in ceilometer so that
    only the useful and necessary strings would be extracted into the .pot
    1. Don't use '_' as the variable name for "don't care", since it clashes
    with gettext module.
    2. Wrap the string with the underscore function to make it ready for
    translation, e.g.
      internationalized_string = _("I'm internationalized!")
      LOG.debug(_('I speak the language of %(language)s'), locals())
    Change-Id: I9732e424b374afa8f0650baf4e3537109e7520d1
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