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    Hyper-V: replaces in-tree hyper-v utils usage with os_win · 235556a5
    Claudiu Belu authored
    os-win is a library containing Windows / Hyper-V related code.
    It contains utils modules that are used by nova, cinder,
    networking_hyperv, os-brick. It also contains Hyper-V metrics
    related utils, which can be used in ceilometer.
    Adds os-win to requirements.txt.
    Replaces the current usage of *Utils classes in the
    Hyper-V Inspector with the equivalent *Utils classes
    from os-win.
    Adds decorators to the HyperVInspector methods that prevent
    os-win specific exceptions to leak outside the inspector.
    Depends-On: Ia937399c999d7293799a864a322323e3d2efc123
    Depends-On: I1256b632be7aa90561338b595b9406c30f406c7c
    Change-Id: Ic637e2a9c929cac88b1cb99f5b55dd70c4f84c47
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