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    Make ceilometer work correctly when hosted with a SCRIPT_NAME · 7d8aae08
    Chris Dent authored
    In the past ceilometer was generaly hosted at / and URL generation
    was relatively straightforward. It should also be possible to host
    at /foobar or /telemetry and for URL generation to still work. This
    changeset adds tests to confirm prefixed requests can work and fixes
    the small number of issues that were found.
    Note that because the ceilometer api has the temerity to not set
    location headers, we can't test that those are working, because
    there aren't any. In general that's the place where SCRIPT_NAME
    mounting would show bugs.
    But we can confirm that content-location headers are okay.
    Closes-Bug: #1468796
    Change-Id: I6e5cf440bc3bd8ffb4cc5c86aa19225b3c5f87ed
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