Commit 3a024b28 authored by Julien Danjou's avatar Julien Danjou

MAINTAINERS: remove outdated data

This is outdated and never updated anyway. It does not reflect the reality
anymore, so let's stop trying to have that as it does not give any useful
information anyway. We're a team, we maintain everything!

(and we can use git log to find out things)

Change-Id: I28dd5fdfdc0ef4b0d9816b38572c5bbac3d6f9cf
parent 22bb881a
......@@ -23,54 +23,3 @@ pradk
= List of Maintainers =
Each has an entry with the following keys:
M: Maintainer (irc) <email address>
S: Status, one of the following:
Maintained: Has an active maintainer
Orphan: No current maintainer, feel free to step up!
Obsolete: Replaced by newer code, or a dead end, or out-dated
F: Wildcard patterns, relative to ceilometer/
== api ==
M: Doug Hellmann (dhellmann) <>
S: Maintained
F: api/
== events ==
M: Julien Danjou (jd__)
M: Sandy Walsh (sandywalsh)
M: Monsyne Dragon (dragondm)
S: Maintained
F: storage/
== pipeline ==
M: Julien Danjou (jd__)
S: Maintained
F: publisher/, transformer/,
== storage ==
-- HBase --
S: Orphan
F: storage/
-- MongoDB --
S: Orphan
F: storage/
-- SQLAlchemy --
S: Orphan
F: storage/sqlalchemy/, storage/
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