Commit 4bfdcf0b authored by liusheng's avatar liusheng

Fix a minor missing parameter issue

Change-Id: I45f47bae2e992b881cbec4fc27641022627660d3
Closes-Bug: #1550614
parent fd0d5c7a
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ class Definition(object):
if return_all_values and not self.plugin.support_return_all_values:
raise DefinitionException("Plugin %s don't allows to "
"return multiple values" %
self.cfg["plugin"]["name"], self.cfg)
values_map = [('.'.join(self._get_path(match)), match.value) for
match in values]
values = [v for v in self.plugin.trait_values(values_map)
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