Commit e054ffdb authored by Rabi Mishra's avatar Rabi Mishra

Change default policy to allow create_samples has broken heat
integration tests as the default policy no longer allows
to create_samples without admin privileges.

Change-Id: I28980ff4cd82950bc713da519e0e49b62fc77a22
Closes-Bug: #1551383
parent 1af40165
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
"telemetry:get_samples": "",
"telemetry:get_sample": "",
"telemetry:query_sample": "",
"telemetry:create_samples": "rule:context_is_admin",
"telemetry:create_samples": "",
"telemetry:compute_statistics": "",
"telemetry:get_meters": "",
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