1. 04 Jun, 2015 1 commit
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      Add running functional scripts for defined backend · 57a9fc5b
      Ilya Tyaptin authored
      This CR allows running "functional" tox job for different backends.
      Short description about expected workflow:
      1. Gate job run ceilometer/ceilometer/tests/functional/hooks/post_test_hook.py
      with <backend> parameter.
      2. This script run "tox -efunctional" command with defined variable
      3. After in "run-functional-tests.sh" setup script for the backend
      and testr are runned.
      In this CR running testr with pretty_tox.sh script added because
      it allows to use subunit-trace output which developed in tempest-lib
      and improve useful of testr output.
      Partially implements: blueprint ceilometer-functional-tests
      Change-Id: Idb66aca0b46779516db2baec856df8223dbe5c13