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      Merge "Remove unused pngmath Sphinx extension" · 477702dd
      Jenkins authored
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      [sahara] add events definitions regarding new notifications · 85ca3e89
      Vitaly Gridnev authored
      on sahara side we added new events related to current cluster
      health. we want to collect statistic based on the cluster health,
      like how many healthy clusters we have, and so on.
      Health of the cluster will describe current state of cluster more
      Partially-implements blueprint: cluster-verification
      Depends-On: Iac74a7bdec0f59a3720e17a682268faea36a45f3
      Change-Id: Iea0f37cd2fe31e740a1ac5d02fd96c2f6b35495c
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      Docs: Configure meters/events dispatch separately · 831185bf
      Steve Lewis authored
      This is a docs change in support of Change-Id:
      Dispatchers now only record meter or event data and are configured
      independently. The install guide is updated to reflect this
      distinction. Because the referenced Change-Id used Doc-Impact
      as a flag instead of the non-hyphenated variant there is no
      independant bug in the OpenStack Manuals project for this change.
      Additionally, existing content for configuring Gnocchi is broken out
      into more detail.
      Change-Id: I11e9a3037e8be6d0d76c41f4ddd4e94583dc132f
      Related-Bug: #1480333
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      Fix the typo in the gnocchiclient exception · 4775c1c1
      Ilya Tyaptin authored
      NamedMetricAreadyExists has been renamed to the NamedMetricAlreadyExists
      in the last release of Gnocchi client
      Change-Id: I7c5eab09399b771ddd1d919ba5d12cdd52084569
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      Initial seed of hacking · 05063795
      kairoaraujo authored
      It is an initial seed of hacking rules based on neutron and
      nova projects.
      For ceilometer it prevents bug 1508442 and closes/prevents
      bug 1529836.
      All the requirements about the hacking rules were corrected
      on this propose review.
      To be clear about the requirements, the only alarmed was
      about import[1], in specific H306
      [H306] "Alphabetically order your imports by the full module
      path. Organize your imports"
      [1] http://docs.openstack.org/developer/hacking/
      Change-Id: Ia530873078c97925bfb91fde87b38131426a74c2
      Closes-Bug: 1529836
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      Add /usr/local/{sbin,bin} to rootwrap exec_dirs · 58389f18
      Chaozhe.Chen authored
      I noticed that nova, neutron and cinder's rootwrap exec_dirs include
      /usr/local/{sbin,bin} which is a standardised location for admins to
      install non-distro executables, and these executables are no less
      "trustworthy" than /usr/bin and friends.  See neutron and cinder's
      rootwrap.conf (and probably others), and typical distro default values
      for sudoers/secure_path for extremely similar precedents that all include
      See the same patch of nova for more information:
      And see I710cf142b834381c00e651cfc062299ae755c33f for brief discussion
      of doing this via devstack before.
      Change-Id: If5ed1d7d81fdac10fc2b1608aafe20833e0f2980
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