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    Create a devstack plugin for ceilometer · db92d31f
    Chris Dent authored
    This is mostly a straight port of devstack:lib/ceilometer with some
    minor cleanups in the code. Notable changes include:
    * default values are moved to devstack/settings
    * all services provided by ceilometer are turned on by default, use
      disable_service to turn them off
    * mongod smallfiles is no longer used as it is not (apparently) used
      with deb-based installs and there's a lot of water under the
      bridge since then, so let's remove the complexity
    * config handling is broken down into smaller sub-functions
    * explicitly require python redis driver if needed, otherwise it
      will not be available in a virtualenv
    * install_ceilometermiddleware is not included, it is moved to
    Change-Id: If36faa72b8c8d0f58a4ab5d02ed9cf92de3583b7
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