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    Designate API tests for Tempest Framework · cf8322e5
    ravikumar-venkatesan authored
    Creates a new folder 'tempest' under 'designate/contrib' as a
    placeholder for Designate API tests.
    This submission implements CRUD operations on 'domains', 'records'
    and 'servers' of Designate Api.
    Adds related JSON supporting methods in client files
    'domains_client.py', 'records_client.py', and 'server_client.py'
    Also implemented schema validation for all the operations under
    'domains.py', 'parameter_types.py', 'records.py', 'servers.py' files.
    Modified 'tempest.conf.sample', 'config.py' , and 'clients.py' to
    add parameters for enabling designate service.
    Change-Id: I5fcac06200ce534a9cddf1e7ed9393ae5124a681
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