Commit 0923251c authored by Jens Harbott's avatar Jens Harbott

Skip grenade job on irrelevant changes

We do not need to run grenade for doc-only or similiar changes, skip
those like we skip the devstack jobs.

Change-Id: I7588ecc60791815cc6908324d59b299633bf15ce
parent a7f8cea5
......@@ -55,6 +55,11 @@
run: playbooks/legacy/grenade-devstack-designate-pdns4/run.yaml
post-run: playbooks/legacy/grenade-devstack-designate-pdns4/post.yaml
timeout: 10800
- ^.*\.rst$
- ^api-ref/.*$
- ^doc/.*$
- ^etc/.*$
- job:
name: designate-devstack-agent-djbdns
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