Commit 5d0e4da3 authored by Kiall Mac Innes's avatar Kiall Mac Innes

Add centos7, remove Fedora Vagrant VM

The Fedora box has not been available in some time, and most Designate
deployments running on RH based distros will be RHEL/CentOS.

Change-Id: I05e34c908ac1d5a7a2037d43f47987cad6c25531
parent a686e6a4
......@@ -151,15 +151,14 @@ SCRIPT
ubuntu.vm.provision :shell, :privileged => false, :inline => $script
config.vm.define "centos-7", autostart: false do |centos| = "centos/7"
config.vm.define "fedora", autostart: false do |fedora| = "box-cutter/fedora20" :private_network, ip: "" :private_network, ip: ""
centos.vm.provision :shell, :privileged => true, :inline => "yum update -y vim-minimal" # RH Bug 1066983
centos.vm.provision :shell, :privileged => true, :inline => "yum install -y git-core"
fedora.vm.provision :shell, :privileged => true, :inline => "yum update -y vim-minimal" # RH Bug 1066983
fedora.vm.provision :shell, :privileged => true, :inline => "yum install -y git-core"
fedora.vm.provision :shell, :privileged => false, :inline => $script
centos.vm.provision :shell, :privileged => false, :inline => $script
......@@ -249,11 +249,11 @@ function init_designate {
# install_designate - Collect source and prepare
function install_designate {
install_package libcap2-bin
if is_fedora; then
# This package provides `dig`
install_package bind-utils
if is_ubuntu; then
install_package libcap2-bin
elif is_fedora; then
# bind-utils package provides `dig`
install_package libcap bind-utils
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