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Add setup_ubuntu_devstack

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See devstack/README.rst or use setup_ubuntu_devstack
# Setup a Designate devstack based on Ubuntu Trusty using libvirt
# and run a quick CLI test and the functional tests
# To be run from <Designate repo>/contrib/vagrant
set -eu
test -f Vagrantfile
if vagrant global-status | grep ' ubuntu ' | grep -q 'contrib/vagrant'; then
echo "A devstack VM seems to be already running, see vagrant global-status"
exit 1
if vagrant plugin list | grep -q ^vagrant-mutate; then
echo "Skip installing vagrant-mutate"
echo "Install vagrant-mutate"
vagrant plugin install vagrant-mutate
if vagrant box list | grep -q ^ubuntu/trusty64; then
echo "Skip downloading Vagrant box"
echo "Download and convert box"
vagrant box add --provider virtualbox ubuntu/trusty64
vagrant mutate ubuntu/trusty64 libvirt
echo "Check running pool"
virsh pool-info default | grep ^State | grep -q running
# Workaround for
# vagrant plugin install fog-libvirt --plugin-version 0.0.3 --verbose
vagrant up ubuntu
vmrun() {
vagrant ssh ubuntu -c "$@"
vmrun "sudo apt-get update"
vmrun "sudo apt-get install httpie -y"
vmrun "echo export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 >> .bashrc"
vmrun "echo export LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8 >> .bashrc"
vmrun "sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales"
vmrun "cd devstack && ./"
echo -e "\ run completed. Showing server-list:\n"
vmrun "cd devstack && source openrc admin demo && designate server-list"
echo -e "\nRunning functional tests\n"
vmrun "cd /opt/stack/designate && tox -e functional -v"
echo "Done. Run vagrant ssh ubuntu to log in"
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