Commit bb35643c authored by qinchunhua's avatar qinchunhua

Python 3: dict.itervalues()

Replace dict.itervalues() with dict.values(). The Python 3 dict
type has no itervalues() method, the old itervalues() method was
renamed to values().


Change-Id: I5d96f26db2bb3490271962d9548672cfdd03357e
parent ebaca6b8
......@@ -210,7 +210,7 @@ def main():
# HACK HACK HACK - allow required config params to be passed
# via the command line
cfg.CONF['service:api']._group._opts['api_base_uri']['cli'] = True
for optdict in cfg.CONF['backend:ipa']._group._opts.itervalues():
for optdict in cfg.CONF['backend:ipa']._group._opts.values():
if 'cli' in optdict:
optdict['cli'] = True
# HACK HACK HACK - allow api url to be passed in the usual way
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