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Merge "RC1 Relnotes"

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prelude: >
This release has started the migration of our services to a
``worker`` and ``producer`` model. This has started by deprecating
``designate-zone-manager`` and ``designate-pool-manager``.
We have also added support for new DNS Servers, and added scheduling
across pools.
- Added ``designate-worker`` and ``designate-producer``. This will allow for
better scaling across a designate system as we move forward.
- To enable ``designate-worker`` and ``designate-producer`` add a section to
your ``designate.conf`` called ``[service:worker]`` and add an option
``enabled = True``. Then stop ``designate-pool-manager`` and
``designate-zone-manager``, and start ``designate-worker`` and
- Both ``designate-zone-manager`` and ``designate-pool-manager`` are now
deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
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