Commit e4de3657 authored by Russell Tweed's avatar Russell Tweed

Resolve get_dns_view error after selecting multi-tenant view

Adds a second comparison check when deciding whether to display the single
tenant view or multi-tenant view in Infoblox. The issue is that the DB field
is set to '0', which is not interpreted as false.

Change-Id: Id0fac71cc6d82123a7ee5d5983467acd1b8e5a9e
Closes-Bug: 1752349
parent dd611a02
......@@ -96,7 +96,8 @@ class InfobloxObjectManipulator(object):
return dns_view
def get_dns_view(self, tenant):
if not self.connector.multi_tenant:
if (not self.connector.multi_tenant or
self.connector.multi_tenant == '0'):
return self.connector.dns_view
# Look for the network view with the specified TenantID EA
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