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    Drop use of 'oslo' namespace package · f9c55abb
    Doug Hellmann authored
    The Oslo libraries have moved all of their code out of the 'oslo'
    namespace package into per-library packages. The namespace package was
    retained during kilo for backwards compatibility, but will be removed by
    the liberty-2 milestone. This change removes the use of the namespace
    package, replacing it with the new package names.
    The patches in the libraries will be put on hold until application
    patches have landed, or L2, whichever comes first. At that point, new
    versions of the libraries without namespace packages will be released as
    a major version update.
    Please merge this patch, or an equivalent, before L2 to avoid problems
    with those library releases.
    Blueprint: remove-namespace-packages
    Change-Id: Ia21c15e8eca6bf456f7cfe13f815f5ce068601e7
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