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    Update UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE for stable/rocky · a5f9ce7b
    OpenStack Release Bot authored
    The new stable upper-constraints file is only available
    after the openstack/requirements repository is branched.
    This will happen around the RC1 timeframe.
    Recheck and merge this change once the requirements
    repository has been branched.
    The CI system will work with this patch before the requirements
    repository is branched because zuul configues the job to run
    with a local copy of the file and defaults to the master branch.
    However, accepting the patch will break the test configuration
    on developers' local systems, so please wait until after the
    requirements repository is branched to merge the patch.
    Change-Id: I84d77b23f50fa95c3f07ac0802831989333377c4
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