Commit b88e1508 authored by Akihiro Motoki's avatar Akihiro Motoki

Translation preparation for neutron-lbaas-dashboard

LBaaS v2 is now the only LBaaS implementation.
It is time to allow translator to translate LBaaS v2 dashboard.

This commit sets up related files according to the infra guide [1].
Also removes Babel related entries in setup.cfg. They are not
sufficient as Django requires two PO files (django and djangojs).

After this change is merged, I will propose the infra change.

This change can be part of newton release. If it is part of Newton
release of neutron-lbaas-dashboard, translators can translate it
even after the initial Newton release and we can import them
in the stable update release.


Change-Id: If3cf48dfe9c61499b2a4221dea956aa0bccf5f85
parent 2ffb6c93
django = django_babel.extract:extract_django
[python: **.py]
[django: templates/**.html]
[django: **/templates/**.csv]
# We use a custom extractor to find translatable strings in AngularJS
# templates. The extractor is included in horizon.utils for now.
# See for
# details on how this works.
angular = horizon.utils.babel_extract_angular:extract_angular
[javascript: **.js]
# We need to look into all static folders for HTML files.
# The **/static ensures that we also search within
# .../dashboards/XYZ/static which will ensure
# that plugins are also translated.
[angular: **/static/**.html]
[python: **.py]
......@@ -27,17 +27,3 @@ all_files = 1
upload-dir = doc/build/html
directory = neutron_lbaas_dashboard/locale
domain = neutron-lbaas-dashboard
domain = neutron-lbaas-dashboard
output_dir = neutron_lbaas_dashboard/locale
input_file = neutron_lbaas_dashboard/locale/neutron-lbaas-dashboard.pot
keywords = _ gettext ngettext l_ lazy_gettext
mapping_file = babel.cfg
output_file = neutron_lbaas_dashboard/locale/neutron-lbaas-dashboard.pot
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