1. 26 Jan, 2016 1 commit
    • Doug Fish's avatar
      Update npm dependencies · f3a7b9ea
      Doug Fish authored
      Karma and eslint won't run because dependencies in package.json are out of date
      Update package.json. Update .eslintrc to reflect renamed rules. Correct overlooked
      issues in code.
      Closes-Bug: #1538264
      Change-Id: Ia0231f44b36cf5263ed5efbbdfa42ad9cf63c4a0
  2. 15 Jan, 2016 1 commit
    • Justin Pomeroy's avatar
      Add initial workflow for creating load balancer · f3442594
      Justin Pomeroy authored
      This adds the action for creating a new load balancer. This only
      includes the first panel of the workflow which allows creating the
      load balancer object itself. Follow on patches will add support for
      the listener, pool, monitor, and members.
      This also adds the missing .eslintrc file and fixes code that was
      failing the eslint rules.
      There is a slight problem with the styling of the action button that
      is probably an issue in the horizon action-list widget. This can be
      treated as a bug and fixed later.
      Depends-On: I230995c069d94ca41d70582b9c665289f0acb86e
      Partially-Implements: blueprint horizon-lbaas-v2-ui
      Change-Id: Ie0bfe6bd41a60259bc8642d4e046b420a50df55f