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      Now packaging 4.0.0 (stein). · 36001f65
      Thomas Goirand authored
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      Merge tag '4.0.0' into debian/stein · 16247f9b
      Thomas Goirand authored
      octavia 4.0.0 release
      meta:version: 4.0.0
      meta:series: stein
      meta:release-type: release
      meta:pypi: yes
      meta:first: yes
      meta:release:Author: Sean McGinnis <sean.mcginnis@gmail.com>
      meta:release:Commit: Thierry Carrez <thierry@openstack.org>
      meta:release:Change-Id: I2717755ff6e525a4075cf5f6397c0c1d1d45e170
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: Tom Barron <tpb@dyncloud.net>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: dharmendra kushwaha <dharmendra.kushwaha@india.nec.com>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: Ivan Kolodyazhny <e0ne@e0ne.info>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: Akihiro Motoki <amotoki@gmail.com>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: zhurong <aaronzhu1121@gmail.com>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: Chris Dent <cdent@anticdent.org>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: Graham Hayes <gr@ham.ie>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: Luka Peschke <luka.peschke@objectif-libre.com>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: Pierre Riteau <pierre@stackhpc.com>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: Li Liu <liliueecg@gmail.com>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: Ghanshyam Mann <gmann@ghanshyammann.com>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: Eric Fried <openstack@fried.cc>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: melanie witt <melwittt@gmail.com>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: licanwei <li.canwei2@zte.com.cn>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: XueFeng Liu <liu.xuefeng1@zte.com.cn>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: Renat Akhmerov <renat.akhmerov@gmail.com>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: Colleen Murphy <colleen@gazlene.net>
      meta:release:Code-Review+2: Sean McGinnis <sean.mcginnis@gmail.com>
      meta:release:Code-Review+2: Doug Hellmann <doug@doughellmann.com>
      meta:release:Code-Review+2: Kendall Nelson <kennelson11@gmail.com>
      meta:release:Code-Review+2: Jean-Philippe Evrard <jean-philippe@evrard.me>
      meta:release:Code-Review+2: Tony Breeds <tony@bakeyournoodle.com>
      meta:release:Code-Review+1: Erno Kuvaja <jokke@usr.fi>
      meta:release:Code-Review+2: Thierry Carrez <thierry@openstack.org>
      meta:release:Workflow+1: Sean McGinnis <sean.mcginnis@gmail.com>
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      Fix setting of VIP QoS policy · 86e3eb4c
      Carlos Goncalves authored
      Load balancers were going in to ERROR when updating vip_qos_policy_id in
      two different cases:
      - QoS extension enabled: the VIP DB data model was incorrectly
        constructed ('vip_qos_policy_id' where it should have been
      - QoS extension disabled: setting an UUID or None would fail in the LB
        update flow as the extension is disabled, and the API would return
        HTTP 202 to the user.
      Story: 2004602
      Task: 28512
      Change-Id: Ie974afa52fe70cbab72b7e7f75bf7ee1015e148c
      (cherry picked from commit e0c45ce4d288aa0a8c855754245cd3949e54fa3d)
  10. 03 Apr, 2019 2 commits
    • Gregory Thiemonge's avatar
      Fix spare amphora check and creation · aa06d8d1
      Gregory Thiemonge authored
      This patch fixes an issue when the SparesPool table is empty that blocks
      spare amphorae creation. It creates a new spares pool entry if the table
      is empty.
      Story 2005352
      Task 30306
      Change-Id: I0ce2778277640ee9e509c709bf8621b8b025d6d3
    • Carlos Goncalves's avatar
      Fix VIP plugging on CentOS-based amphorae · 4ca1b681
      Carlos Goncalves authored
      ifup does not provide option -v in CentOS-based amphorae.
      This option was added in I0dbb145ab9a0bb8f831c1db28cabd262f9394e7e.
      Story: 2005341
      Task: 30288
      Change-Id: I56947e0d2bb207b59b0b3928efc96546d6410f43
      (cherry picked from commit 95a872fcd905c0f7c4f2b4cf63e93fa9770d13c1)
  11. 31 Mar, 2019 1 commit
    • Pavel Abalikhin's avatar
      Fix initialization of Barbican client · c2afddfd
      Pavel Abalikhin authored
      Region and endpoint_type parameters should be used when initializing
      Barbican client.
      Change-Id: Id5a0c6f061e36b93e82d2eea8a5bac9ede66b159
      Story: 2005233
      Task: 30015
      (cherry picked from commit dc5a708d9a9d8b29de3c97a685c83872e0f10531)
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