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    Add operator tool to async-delete some or all objects in a container · 83d01619
    Tim Burke authored
    Adds a tool, swift-container-deleter, that takes an account/container
    and optional prefix, marker, and/or end-marker; spins up an internal
    client; makes listing requests against the container; and pushes the
    found objects into the object-expirer queue with a special
    application/async-deleted content-type.
    In order to do this enqueuing efficiently, a new internal-to-the-cluster
    container method is introduced: UPDATE. It takes a JSON list of object
    entries and runs them through merge_items.
    The object-expirer is updated to look for work items with this
    content-type and skip the X-If-Deleted-At check that it would normally
    Note that the target-container's listing will continue to show the
    objects until data is actually deleted, bypassing some of the concerns
    raised in the related change about clearing out a container entirely and
    then deleting it.
    Change-Id: Ia13ee5da3d1b5c536eccaadc7a6fdcd997374443
    Related-Change: I50e403dee75585fc1ff2bb385d6b2d2f13653cf8
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