Commit 525c1b46 authored by Thomas Goirand's avatar Thomas Goirand

Attempt to fix unit test.

parent 17e17e40
Description: Attempt to fix
Author: Thomas Goirand <>
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Last-Update: 2019-07-15
--- swift-2.21.10+2019.07.13+git.4643412bd1.orig/test/unit/
+++ swift-2.21.10+2019.07.13+git.4643412bd1/test/unit/
@@ -1367,7 +1367,7 @@ def xattr_supported_check():
fd, tmppath = mkstemp()
xattr.setxattr(fd, 'user.swift.testing_key', big_val)
except IOError as e:
- if errno.errorcode.get(e.errno) in ('ENOSPC', 'ENOTSUP', 'EOPNOTSUPP'):
+ if errno.errorcode.get(e.errno) in ('ENOSPC', 'ENOTSUP', 'EOPNOTSUPP', 'ERANGE'):
# filesystem does not support xattr of this size
return False
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