Commit 60f1d340 authored by Tim Burke's avatar Tim Burke

Lower the required version of ipaddress

CentOS 7 distributes 1.0.16, and there is no real reason to avoid it.
Plus, in our probetests we apparently cannot avoid the system package.

Change-Id: I108ec2438dbc02f3e85f8da43e11ff4cdcfd1e4b
parent 89854250
......@@ -13,4 +13,4 @@ six>=1.9.0
PyECLib>=1.3.1 # BSD
cryptography!=2.0,>=1.6 # BSD/Apache-2.0
ipaddress>=1.0.17;python_version<'3.3' # PSF
ipaddress>=1.0.16;python_version<'3.3' # PSF
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