Commit b5a91724 authored by Tim Burke's avatar Tim Burke

Require gettext for all non-SUSE distros

This fixes the failing release-notes job. I guess there was some change
to the base gate images since the related change? We've definitely
landed other patches that would've built release notes since then...

Change-Id: Iaf6296886b653f0ac3e9db52a886ea3fe4a3bd20
Related-Change: Iff24a2b02b8927113d616a5af06331f1a1e31170
parent c6f9a0e5
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
build-essential [platform:dpkg]
linux-headers [platform:apk]
gcc [platform:rpm platform:apk]
gettext [!platform:suse platform:apk]
gettext [!platform:suse]
gettext-runtime [platform:suse]
liberasurecode-dev [platform:dpkg]
# There's no library in CentOS 7 but Fedora and openSUSE have it.
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