Commit 289a7603 authored by Pavel Grunt's avatar Pavel Grunt

spiceconn.js: Add missing channel names

parent 4023af08
......@@ -374,6 +374,20 @@ SpiceConn.prototype =
return "inputs";
else if (this.type == SPICE_CHANNEL_CURSOR)
return "cursor";
else if (this.type == SPICE_CHANNEL_PLAYBACK)
return "playback";
else if (this.type == SPICE_CHANNEL_RECORD)
return "record";
else if (this.type == SPICE_CHANNEL_TUNNEL)
return "tunnel";
else if (this.type == SPICE_CHANNEL_SMARTCARD)
return "smartcard";
else if (this.type == SPICE_CHANNEL_USBREDIR)
return "usbredir";
else if (this.type == SPICE_CHANNEL_PORT)
return "port";
else if (this.type == SPICE_CHANNEL_WEBDAV)
return "webdav";
return "unknown-" + this.type;
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