Commit ab73d009 authored by Jeremy White's avatar Jeremy White

Enable file transfer for spice_auto.html.

The work Pavel did on spice.html did not get fully transferred
into spice_auto.html; in particular, we need to append the xfer
div to the main area in order for file transfer to work.

This fixes that, and now drag + drop works in spice_auto.html.
parent 789071cb
......@@ -168,6 +168,7 @@
var spice_xfer_area = document.createElement("div");
spice_xfer_area.setAttribute('id', 'spice-xfer-area');
document.getElementById('spice-area').addEventListener('dragover', handle_file_dragover, false);
document.getElementById('spice-area').addEventListener('drop', handle_file_drop, false);
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