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This software comes with  ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  This
is free software and you are welcome to redistribute it
under the conditions of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.
See the file "COPYING" for further information.

Opening rs01-master.iso: 21000 medium sectors.
Scanning image sectors:   1%Scanning image sectors:   2%Scanning image sectors:   3%Scanning image sectors:   4%Scanning image sectors:   5%Scanning image sectors:   6%Scanning image sectors:   7%Scanning image sectors:   8%Scanning image sectors:   9%Scanning image sectors:  10%Scanning image sectors:  11%Scanning image sectors:  12%Scanning image sectors:  13%Scanning image sectors:  14%Scanning image sectors:  15%Scanning image sectors:  16%Scanning image sectors:  17%Scanning image sectors:  18%Scanning image sectors:  19%Scanning image sectors:  20%Scanning image sectors:  21%Scanning image sectors:  22%Scanning image sectors:  23%Scanning image sectors:  24%Scanning image sectors:  25%Scanning image sectors:  26%Scanning image sectors:  27%Scanning image sectors:  28%Scanning image sectors:  29%Scanning image sectors:  30%Scanning image sectors:  31%Scanning image sectors:  32%Scanning image sectors:  33%Scanning image sectors:  34%Scanning image sectors:  35%Scanning image sectors:  36%Scanning image sectors:  37%Scanning image sectors:  38%Scanning image sectors:  39%Scanning image sectors:  40%Scanning image sectors:  41%Scanning image sectors:  42%Scanning image sectors:  43%Scanning image sectors:  44%Scanning image sectors:  45%Scanning image sectors:  46%Scanning image sectors:  47%Scanning image sectors:  48%Scanning image sectors:  49%Scanning image sectors:  50%Scanning image sectors:  51%Scanning image sectors:  52%Scanning image sectors:  53%Scanning image sectors:  54%Scanning image sectors:  55%Scanning image sectors:  56%Scanning image sectors:  57%Scanning image sectors:  58%Scanning image sectors:  59%Scanning image sectors:  60%Scanning image sectors:  61%Scanning image sectors:  62%Scanning image sectors:  63%Scanning image sectors:  64%Scanning image sectors:  65%Scanning image sectors:  66%Scanning image sectors:  67%Scanning image sectors:  68%Scanning image sectors:  69%Scanning image sectors:  70%Scanning image sectors:  71%Scanning image sectors:  72%Scanning image sectors:  73%Scanning image sectors:  74%Scanning image sectors:  75%Scanning image sectors:  76%Scanning image sectors:  77%Scanning image sectors:  78%Scanning image sectors:  79%Scanning image sectors:  80%Scanning image sectors:  81%Scanning image sectors:  82%Scanning image sectors:  83%Scanning image sectors:  84%Scanning image sectors:  85%Scanning image sectors:  86%Scanning image sectors:  87%Scanning image sectors:  88%Scanning image sectors:  89%Scanning image sectors:  90%Scanning image sectors:  91%Scanning image sectors:  92%Scanning image sectors:  93%Scanning image sectors:  94%Scanning image sectors:  95%Scanning image sectors:  96%Scanning image sectors:  97%Scanning image sectors:  98%Scanning image sectors:  99%Scanning image sectors: 100%Encoding with Method RS01: 32 roots, 14.3% redundancy.
Ecc generation:   0.4%Ecc generation:   0.8%Ecc generation:   1.3%Ecc generation:   1.7%Ecc generation:   2.2%Ecc generation:   2.6%Ecc generation:   3.1%Ecc generation:   3.5%Ecc generation:   4.0%Ecc generation:   4.4%Ecc generation:   4.9%Ecc generation:   5.3%Ecc generation:   5.8%Ecc generation:   6.2%Ecc generation:   6.7%Ecc generation:   7.1%Ecc generation:   7.6%Ecc generation:   8.0%Ecc generation:   8.5%Ecc generation:   8.9%Ecc generation:   9.4%Ecc generation:   9.8%Ecc generation:  10.3%Ecc generation:  10.7%Ecc generation:  11.2%Ecc generation:  11.6%Ecc generation:  12.1%Ecc generation:  12.5%Ecc generation:  13.0%Ecc generation:  13.4%Ecc generation:  13.9%Ecc generation:  14.3%Ecc generation:  14.7%Ecc generation:  15.2%Ecc generation:  15.6%Ecc generation:  16.1%Ecc generation:  16.5%Ecc generation:  17.0%Ecc generation:  17.4%Ecc generation:  17.9%Ecc generation:  18.3%Ecc generation:  18.8%Ecc generation:  19.2%Ecc generation:  19.7%Ecc generation:  20.1%Ecc generation:  20.6%Ecc generation:  21.0%Ecc generation:  21.5%Ecc generation:  21.9%Ecc generation:  22.4%Ecc generation:  22.8%Ecc generation:  23.3%Ecc generation:  23.7%Ecc generation:  24.2%Ecc generation:  24.6%Ecc generation:  25.1%Ecc generation:  25.5%Ecc generation:  26.0%Ecc generation:  26.4%Ecc generation:  26.9%Ecc generation:  27.3%Ecc generation:  27.8%Ecc generation:  28.2%Ecc generation:  28.6%Ecc generation:  29.1%Ecc generation:  29.5%Ecc generation:  30.0%Ecc generation:  30.4%Ecc generation:  30.9%Ecc generation:  31.3%Ecc generation:  31.8%Ecc generation:  32.2%Ecc generation:  32.7%Ecc generation:  33.1%Ecc generation:  33.6%Ecc generation:  34.0%Ecc generation:  34.5%Ecc generation:  34.9%Ecc generation:  35.4%Ecc generation:  35.8%Ecc generation:  36.3%Ecc generation:  36.7%Ecc generation:  37.2%Ecc generation:  37.6%Ecc generation:  38.1%Ecc generation:  38.5%Ecc generation:  39.0%Ecc generation:  39.4%Ecc generation:  39.9%Ecc generation:  40.3%Ecc generation:  40.8%Ecc generation:  41.2%Ecc generation:  41.7%Ecc generation:  42.1%Ecc generation:  42.6%Ecc generation:  43.0%Ecc generation:  43.4%Ecc generation:  43.9%Ecc generation:  44.3%Ecc generation:  44.8%Ecc generation:  45.2%Ecc generation:  45.7%Ecc generation:  46.1%Ecc generation:  46.6%Ecc generation:  47.0%Ecc generation:  47.5%Ecc generation:  47.9%Ecc generation:  48.4%Ecc generation:  48.8%Ecc generation:  49.3%Ecc generation:  49.7%Ecc generation:  50.2%Ecc generation:  50.6%Ecc generation:  51.1%Ecc generation:  51.5%Ecc generation:  52.0%Ecc generation:  52.4%Ecc generation:  52.9%Ecc generation:  53.3%Ecc generation:  53.8%Ecc generation:  54.2%Ecc generation:  54.7%Ecc generation:  55.1%Ecc generation:  55.6%Ecc generation:  56.0%Ecc generation:  56.5%Ecc generation:  56.9%Ecc generation:  57.3%Ecc generation:  57.8%Ecc generation:  58.2%Ecc generation:  58.7%Ecc generation:  59.1%Ecc generation:  59.6%Ecc generation:  60.0%Ecc generation:  60.5%Ecc generation:  60.9%Ecc generation:  61.4%Ecc generation:  61.8%Ecc generation:  62.3%Ecc generation:  62.7%Ecc generation:  63.2%Ecc generation:  63.6%Ecc generation:  64.1%Ecc generation:  64.5%Ecc generation:  65.0%Ecc generation:  65.4%Ecc generation:  65.9%Ecc generation:  66.3%Ecc generation:  66.8%Ecc generation:  67.2%Ecc generation:  67.7%Ecc generation:  68.1%Ecc generation:  68.6%Ecc generation:  69.0%Ecc generation:  69.5%Ecc generation:  69.9%Ecc generation:  70.4%Ecc generation:  70.8%Ecc generation:  71.3%Ecc generation:  71.7%Ecc generation:  72.1%Ecc generation:  72.6%Ecc generation:  73.0%Ecc generation:  73.5%Ecc generation:  73.9%Ecc generation:  74.4%Ecc generation:  74.8%Ecc generation:  75.3%Ecc generation:  75.7%Ecc generation:  76.2%Ecc generation:  76.6%Ecc generation:  77.1%Ecc generation:  77.5%Ecc generation:  78.0%Ecc generation:  78.4%Ecc generation:  78.9%Ecc generation:  79.3%Ecc generation:  79.8%Ecc generation:  80.2%Ecc generation:  80.7%Ecc generation:  81.1%Ecc generation:  81.6%Ecc generation:  82.0%Ecc generation:  82.5%Ecc generation:  82.9%Ecc generation:  83.4%Ecc generation:  83.8%Ecc generation:  84.3%Ecc generation:  84.7%Ecc generation:  85.2%Ecc generation:  85.6%Ecc generation:  86.0%Ecc generation:  86.5%Ecc generation:  86.9%Ecc generation:  87.4%Ecc generation:  87.8%Ecc generation:  88.3%Ecc generation:  88.7%Ecc generation:  89.2%Ecc generation:  89.6%Ecc generation:  90.1%Ecc generation:  90.5%Ecc generation:  91.0%Ecc generation:  91.4%Ecc generation:  91.9%Ecc generation:  92.3%Ecc generation:  92.8%Ecc generation:  93.2%Ecc generation:  93.7%Ecc generation:  94.1%Ecc generation:  94.6%Ecc generation:  95.0%Ecc generation:  95.5%Ecc generation:  95.9%Ecc generation:  96.4%Ecc generation:  96.8%Ecc generation:  97.3%Ecc generation:  97.7%Ecc generation:  98.2%Ecc generation:  98.6%Ecc generation:  99.1%Ecc generation:  99.5%Ecc generation: 100.0%Ecc generation: 100.0%
Error correction file "rs01-tmp.ecc" created.
Make sure to keep this file on a reliable medium.