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0.72 (pl4)
0.79.5 16-12-2015
This is pretty much a relaunch of the project,
the internet site and the accompanying documentation.
There are too much changes for a detailed report.
The most prominent feature of this version is that
the multithreaded RS03 codec reached production
quality, and all required features have been implemented.
A few things will be added with the next releases:
- adaptive reading is currently disabled as it does
not support RS03 yet and would crash or misbehave
on RS03 error correction data
- a heuristic for an exhaustive re-discovery of RS03
structures in a badly damaged medium is missing in
the decoder
But these things should not keep you from using RS03,
as the encoder is complete and future decoder enhancements
do not affect already created RS03 data.
0.79.4 07-10-2012 (not released)
## 0.79.4 is a technical release in order to freeze
## and archive some parts of the source code.
## Do not use for anything prodictive.
## The next useful release will be 0.79.5.
- optical drives would only be detected for /dev/pass[0-9]
on FreeBSD. Fixed to work with arbitrary /dev/pass
numbers. Thanks to Bill Eisele for reporting this.
A similar problem was found and fixed for Linux.
- blocked menu selection when any other action is in progress
(thanks to D. Herbold for reporting the resulting defects).
- made actions properly shut down (e.g. remove incomplete ecc data)
when closing the window or pushing the "Quit" button.
- changed sources for clean compile on gcc 4.4.3
- added #include <zlib.h> for libpng 1.5 compatibility
(thanks to Thomas Klausner for hinting at this!)
- introduced internal Image object for unified access to
optical media and on disk ISO images; lots of internal
changes and fixes due to that
- added --ignore-iso-size option
- Jindřich Šesták took over the Czech translation,
provided up-to-date HTML documents and manual pages,
made all (!) language versions of the manual validate
cleanly, and fixed several other issues in the HTML/PHP
- fixed bug in pngpack; thanks to Jindřich Šesták for
noting this!
- added remaining patches from Jindřich for Czech
online manual. Big Thanks!
- more comprehensive and unified version information
for banner, --version, log window and log file to
aid in working on bug reports
- hardcoded icons to defeat theming
- changed glib.h include for compatibility with glib 2.32
- removed Darwin / Mac OS X support
- synced with dvdisaster 0.72.4 fixes
- completed RS01 and RS03 specification in the
papers subdir
0.79.3 21-11-2010
- Switched Linux SCSI driver default to SG_IO ioctl().
- Michael Klein provided Altivec optimization for
the RS03 encoder and valuable hints for general
RS03 encoding speedup
- included Debian patches 04-manpage.patch,
- fixed and documented -n command line options for RS02.
Thanks to Jack Giles for noting this.
- reworked configure for current NetBSD release
- removed inofficial Solaris support
0.79.2 28-02-2010
Semantic Changes
The new missing sector marking method is now the default.
When interchanging images with dvdisaster 0.70 or older,
use --old-ds-marker or the respective setting under
Image/Image format in the preferences setting.
- RS03 encoding will check for defective sectors now
- fixed crash when aborting RS03 encoding
- made the new missing sector marking method the default
- confirmation dialogues for overwriting images and ecc files
are now configurable via preferences
0.79.1 07-02-2010
A word of caution: This version is still evolving and some parts
are not yet implemented. It may contain severe bugs and fail in
non-obvious ways, even in functions which worked in previous versions.
Do not process important data with this version and do
not keep images and error correction data for archival purposes;
that's what the stable version 0.72 is for.
Semantic Changes
- query-size option replaced with -a/--assume option.
command line default is now NOT to do exhaustive search
for RS02 information; add -a RS02 to enable it
(old behaviour: exhaustive check was on; required
--query-size=udf to disable it)
- same changes in the preferences dialogues:
"Image size" field replaced with
"Error correction data recognization" options.
- added MIN_TRANSFER_LEN and length sanity check as workaround
for buggy drive chipsets (thanks to R.G. for reporting this
and helping with debugging output)
- added -tq command line option as suggested by Mikhail Arefiev
- fixed alignment brokeness between 32bit and 64bit systems
in ecc header and crc sectors
- added RS03 encoding (GUI)
- added RS03 verifying (CLI and GUI)
- fixed RS02/RS03 crash when encoding invoked without image file
- added commandline RS03 encoding (singlethreaded/multithreaded)
- added RS03 decoding and verifying (CLI and GUI)
- fixed "typical uses" links in welcome screen (Thanks to C. Steigies)
- added warning when same files are selected for .iso
and error correction data (Thanks to A. Postkutscher
for suggesting this!)
- removed ASPI driver and ASPI/SPTI splitting logic
- removed 2GB file splitting
0.72 (pl4) 07-04-2012
- fixed crash in scsi layer for FreeBSD
- fixed double free when reading mode page 1 fails
- fixed DMA misalignment when reading mode page 1
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- changed libpng test in configure to utilize pkg-config
- fixed some minor flaws for NetBSD
0.72 (pl3) 03-10-2011
0.72 (pl3) 05-10-2011
- Volodymyr Bychkoviak found a problem when verifying
RS01 files which are larger than 2GB and provided a bugfix.
- Backported improved Windows locale detection from 0.79 branch.
- made package compile under OS X 10.6; updated OS X toolchain
to Gtk 2.24.
0.72 (pl-2) 31-10-2010
- fixed and documented -n command line options for RS02.
Thanks to Jack Giles for noting this.
- changed sources for clean compile on gcc 4.4.3
- Using the CDROM_SEND_PACKET ioctl() will hang parallel
SCSI adapters. Added tests to determine the SCSI bus type,
and switch to the SG_IO ioctl() when in doubt.
Thanks to S. Seidl and R. Manfredi for the respective bug reports.<
- backported MIN_TRANSFER_LEN and length sanity check from 0.79.1
as a workaround for buggy drive chipsets (thanks to R.G.
for reporting this and helping with debugging output)
- backported "typical uses" link fix in welcome screen
(Thanks to C. Steigies)
Thanks to S. Seidl and R. Manfredi for the respective bug reports.
- fixed recognition of dvdisaster 0.79 RS03-augmented image
- minor cosmetic changes for regression test compatibility
with 0.79
......@@ -44,6 +159,11 @@
- fixed crash when calling dvdisaster on command line without
specifying a file name on Mac OS X
0.72 (rc-2)
- fixed lockups in the spiral under Mac OS X
- fixed crash when calling dvdisaster on command line without
specifying a file name on Mac OS X
0.72 (rc-1) 11-04-2009
- Documentation and locale cleanup for en, de
- added app bundle creation for Mac OS X
......@@ -796,7 +916,7 @@
- unrolled the inner codec loop; optimized some C expressions within
- code cleanup in the encoder
0.42.0: (no public release)
0.42.0: 08-09-2004 (no public release)
- changed the caching and code generation strategy in the RS encoder
- added program version information in the ecc file header
- updated the --print option to show the new header information
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Mnoho poděkování patří následujícím lidem (v alfabetickém pořadí):
Pablo Almeida (
provides and maintains the Portuguese translation.
Harald Bögeholz (
poskytl řadu podstatných diskuzí o obnově dat na CD/DVD
a opravě chyb Reed-Solomon.
"Adaptivní strategie čtení" v programu dvdisaster je založena na
na jeho doporučeních a nápadech; implementoval podobnou strategii
předtím a publikoval ji v čísle 16/2005 německého periodika "c't".
Julian Einwag (
provides and maintains the Mac OS X / Darwin port.
Igor Gorbounov (
provides and maintains the Russian translation.
Andrei Grecu (
provided an algorithm for recovering defective CD sectors
from multiple incomplete RAW reading attempts.
Phil Karn
napsal vynikající knihovnu pro tvorbu a dekódování kódu Reed-Solomon.
Tento projekt si vzal hodně inspirace - a dokonce kódu -
z jeho knihovny, kterou lze nalézt na
Protože byl kód optimalizován a zkrácen pro speciální potřeby
programu dvdisaster, měli byste ziskat originální věc, máte-li
zájem na zabudování RS kódů do vaší aplikace.
Daniel Nylander (
provides and maintains the Swedish translation.
Andrea Polverini (
poskytuje a udržuje italský překlad.
Luboš Staněk (
poskytuje a udržuje český překlad.
Sergey Svishchev (
provided the NetBSD port.
Mnoho dalších lidí poskytlo další doporučení a chybové zprávy;
podrobnosti viz soubor CHANGELOG.
......@@ -36,6 +36,9 @@ Daniel Nylander (
Andrea Polverini (
erstellt und pflegt die italienische Übersetzung.
Jindřich Šesták <>
hat die tschechische Übersetzung ab Version 0.79.3 übernommen.
Luboš Staněk (
erstellt und pflegt die tschechische Übersetzung.
......@@ -35,8 +35,11 @@ Daniel Nylander (
Andrea Polverini (
provides and maintains the Italian translation.
Jindřich Šesták <>
took over the Czech translation since version 0.79.3.
Luboš Staněk (
provides and maintains the Czech translation.
provided and maintained the Czech translation up to version 0.72.3.
Sergey Svishchev (
provided the NetBSD port.
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......@@ -9,13 +9,10 @@ Contents
1.2 Gtk+ and localozation support
2. Operating system specific issues