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    * pbuilder-satisfydepends-experimental, Makefile: alternate · 1aa3024f
    lool authored
    implementation of pbuilder-satisfydepends which supports pulling
    build-deps with a version on the apt-get command-line; this is derived
    from pbuilder-satisfydepends with the following changes:
    - Add and use new package_versions() and candidate_version() helpers;
      the former returns all versions of a package available via APT, the
      later APT's candidate version.
    - For versionned build-deps, when building the "apt-get install"
      command, try APT's candidate version or all available versions
      available from APT in ascending order (the reverse order of
      apt-cache's output); checkbuilddep_versiondeps() isn't used for this
      part of the process anymore, but it is still used to honor
    - Recover from APT errors caused by unsufficient dependencies
      ("libfoo-dev Depends: bar but baz is to be installed") and missing
      dependencies libfoo-dev Depends: bar but it is not going to be
      installed", or simply "libfoo-dev Depends: bar"); this permits
      simply listing build-deps when uploading to experimental; achieved
      by moving the version matching logic in the new
      versioneddep_to_aptcmd() helper.
    * pbuilderrc, pbuilderrc.5: document the availability of the alternate
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