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    Add initial cross build support · 1689c66a
    Mattia Rizzolo authored
    + Add a new --host-arch command line option (setting non-public HOST_ARCH
      variable) to set the *host* architecture
    + --architecture/ARCHITECTURE is used to specify the *build* architecture.
      (it defaults to the architecture of the host as reported by dpkg)
    + Some automatic setup is done to allow cross building (at `build` time):
      - the host architecture is added to dpkg's list of architectures
      - crossbuild-essential-$HOST_ARCH libc-dev:$HOST_ARCH libstdc++-6-dev:$HOST_ARCH
        are preinstalled (the latter two due to bug #815172)
      - `--host-arch $HOST_ARCH` is added to the options passed to dpkg-buildpackage
      - 'nocheck' is added to DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
      - 'nocheck cross' is added to DEB_BUILD_PROFILES
    + A new --no-auto-cross can be used to override partially or all of the above
      automatism; see pbuilder(8) for more.
    + The only dependency satisfier allowed when cross building is the APT one, as
      that's the only one supporting --host-arch
    This implementation is still *experimental*, details may vary across the next
    releases, expecially the part relative to what's is automatically done.
    Closes: #801799
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