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    Remove get-magic from $/ · ec09e1c7
    Father Chrysostomos authored
    and use a different approach to prevent $/ from being set to a bad
    This should fix ticket #123739.  Commit v5.21.8-197-g5fe499a made
    $/’s get-magic read PL_rs, so that the croak when setting $/ to a
    bad value would not leave $/ with that bad value, in order to fix
    bug #123218.
    Some CPAN modules do not like $/ reading PL_rs that way.  So we
    have to change this back.  I am not actually removing the get-
    magic, but just making it a no-op, as it was before.  The set-
    magic now sets $/ back to its previous value before croaking.
    (cherry picked from commit ddce084af02764d4f30ef6089ae67a7983fcc690)
    Bug: https://rt.perl.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=123739
    Bug-Debian: https://bugs.debian.org/822336
    Patch-Name: fixes/5.20.3/remove_get_magic.diff