Commit 6dd4a8a2 authored by Leon Timmermans's avatar Leon Timmermans Committed by Niko Tyni

Always mark pipe in list pipe-open as inherit-on-exec

This is the my_popen_list counterpart of

Origin: upstream,
Patch-Name: fixes/pipe-inherit-on-exec/part2.diff
parent 275485f8
......@@ -2302,8 +2302,10 @@ Perl_my_popen_list(pTHX_ const char *mode, int n, SV **args)
if (p[THAT] != (*mode == 'r')) /* if dup2() didn't close it */
PerlLIO_close(p[THAT]); /* close parent's end of _the_ pipe */
else {
PerlLIO_close(p[THAT]); /* close parent's end of _the_ pipe */
#if !defined(HAS_FCNTL) || !defined(F_SETFD)
/* No automatic close - do it by hand */
# ifndef NOFILE
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