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=encoding UTF-8
=head1 NAME
Copyright © 2000-2010 The Frozen-Bubble Team.
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
version 2, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
=head2 Design & Programming
=item Guillaume Cottenceau <gc>
=head2 Artwork
=item Alexis Younes <73lab>
=item Amaury Amblard-Ladurantie <amaury>
=head2 Soundtrack
=item Matthias Le Bidan <matthias.le_bidan>
=head2 Level Editor
=item Kim and David Joham <[k|d]joham>
=head2 Additional network programming
=item Mark Glines <mark>
=head2 Bugfixes and improvements
=item Dirk Stoecker <fb>
=item Anton Moll <anton.moll>
=head2 Port to CPAN and sdlperl 2.4
=item FROGGS
=item daxim
=item kthakore
=item kmx
=head2 Helps and bugfixes
=item Seth W. Klein <sk>
=item Jonas Petersson <jonas.petersson>
=head2 Translations
=item afrikaans
Buchan Milne <bgmilne>
=item brazilian portuguese
Helio Chissini de Castro <helio>
=item breton
Thierry Vignaud <tvignaud>
=item bulgarian
Svetoslav Stefanov <lfu.project>
=item catalan
Benny Beat <bennybeat>
=item chinese
holywen <shaohua.wen>
=item czech
Vitezslav Smid <me>
=item danish
Swoop <swoopdk>
=item esperanto
Stephane Fillod <f8cfe>
=item farsi
Mostafa Hajizadeh <mostafa>
=item finnish
Anssi Hannula <anssi.hannula>
=item french
Guillaume Cottenceau <gc>
=item galician
Adrian Chaves Fernandez <adriyetichaves>
=item german
Steffen Pankratz <kratz00> and Dirk Stoecker <openstreetmap>
=item greek
Gerasimos Vaiou <gvaiou>
=item italian
Dario Pilori <dapilori>
=item lithuanian
Julius Vitkauskas <zolookas>
=item nepali
Ankur Sharma <yowlanku>
=item norwegian
Karl Ove Hufthammer <karl>
=item polish
Marcin Woloszczuk <zdebel>
=item portuguese
Nelson do Nascimento <nelsonfnascimento>
=item russian
Andrey 'Dragon' Vlasov <dragon1020>
=item slovak
Peter Mann <Peter.Mann> and Ivan Masar <helix84>
=item slovenian
Marko Burjek <email4marko>
=item spanish
javier martinez <villacampa>
=item swedish
Oden Eriksson <oeriksson> and Jonas Petersson <catellie>
=item turkish
Ugur Cetin <ugur.jnmbk>
use 5.008;
use strict;
use warnings FATAL => 'all';
use lib 'inc';
use Alien::SDL qw();
use SDL::Config;
use File::Spec;
use Config qw(%Config);
use My::Builder;
use ExtUtils::CBuilder qw();
use lib 'lib';
use Games::FrozenBubble;
my $prefix = Alien::SDL->config('prefix');
my $cflags = '-I'
. File::Spec->catfile( $prefix, 'include' )
$cflags .= ' -fnested-functions' if $^O =~ /darwin/;
###!!! this looks strange, you perhaps meant "$cflags .= ..."
###!!! I intended Alien::SDL to add -I$prefix/include automatically, please tell me when it does not work (kmx)
my $devnull = File::Spec->devnull();
my @cflags = ExtUtils::CBuilder->new->split_like_shell( $cflags );
my @linkers = ( ExtUtils::CBuilder->new->split_like_shell( Alien::SDL->config('libs', '-lSDL_mixer', '-lSDL_Pango') ) );
push @linkers, '-liconv'
if $^O =~ /win/i; ###!!! really only Win needs this? ; BEWARE this matches also 'darwin', 'cygwin'!!!!
my $CPAN_test_NA;
$CPAN_test_NA = "Cannot find 'iconv.h'" unless Alien::SDL->check_header('iconv.h');
$CPAN_test_NA = "Cannot find 'math.h'" unless Alien::SDL->check_header('math.h');
$CPAN_test_NA = "Cannot find 'SDL.h'" unless Alien::SDL->check_header('SDL.h');
$CPAN_test_NA = "Cannot find 'SDL_mixer.h'" unless Alien::SDL->check_header('SDL_mixer.h');
$CPAN_test_NA = "SDL_perl need to be built with SDL_image (png) support" unless SDL::Config->has('SDL_image');
$CPAN_test_NA = "SDL_perl need to be built with SDL_mixer (ogg) support" unless SDL::Config->has('SDL_mixer');
$CPAN_test_NA = "SDL_perl need to be built with SDL_Pango support" unless SDL::Config->has('SDL_Pango');
$CPAN_test_NA = "SDL_perl need to be built with SDL_ttf support" unless SDL::Config->has('SDL_ttf');
if( $CPAN_test_NA ){ warn $CPAN_test_NA; exit(0) }
add_to_cleanup => [
'server/fb-server.c', #preprocessed by perl from $cfile_tmp
dist_abstract => 'Puzzle with Bubbles', # taken from openSUSE rpm spec file
dynamic_config => 1,
extra_compiler_flags => \@cflags ,
extra_linker_flags => \@linkers,
license => 'gpl2',
meta_merge => {
resources => {
repository => '',
bugtracker => '',
module_name => 'Games::FrozenBubble',
dist_version => $Games::FrozenBubble::VERSION,
share_dir => 'share',
no_index =>