Commit 2e7af49b authored by Tom Hukins's avatar Tom Hukins

Ensure tests pass with a SOCKS proxy configured

HTTP::Tiny uses "ALL_PROXY" and "all_proxy" from the environment to
configure which proxy it uses.  This change makes tests pass on a system
with these values set.

HTTP::Tiny throws an exception if it has a value of 0 or the empty
string for these environment variables, so always set them to the
undefined value.
parent 75c0e5ca
......@@ -10,6 +10,8 @@ use HTTP::Tiny;
# Require a true value
for my $proxy (undef, "", 0){
local $ENV{all_proxy} = undef;
local $ENV{ALL_PROXY} = undef;
local $ENV{http_proxy} = $proxy;
my $c = HTTP::Tiny->new();
ok(!defined $c->http_proxy);
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