Commit 8d99c6e6 authored by Olivier Mengué's avatar Olivier Mengué Committed by David Golden

Add develop dependency for non-core Perl::Critic policy

Lax::ProhibitStringyEval::ExceptForRequire is listed in perlcritic.rc
but it isn't a core Perl::Critic policy. If it is not installed, a
warning is triggered by the Test::Perl::Critic author test.
DZP::Test::Perl::Critic doesn't yet parse perlcritic.rc to inject the
missing policiy (I plan to fix that), so for now, just add the
dependency manually.
parent 1d6b8f81
......@@ -29,3 +29,7 @@ Net::SSLeay = 1.49
[Prereqs / Suggests]
IO::Socket::SSL = 1.56
[Prereqs / DevelopRequires]
; Non core Perl::Critic policy used in perlcritic.rc
Perl::Critic::Policy::Lax::ProhibitStringyEval::ExceptForRequire = 0
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