Commit 747ccc01 authored by gregor herrmann's avatar gregor herrmann

New upstream release

parent b872ee1c
......@@ -978,6 +978,8 @@ Math::BigInt:
* Attempt to fix Math::BigInt::Lite failures
2010-09-14 v1.95 rafl
* Re-upload v1.94 as a stable release
2010-09-28 v1.96 rafl
* Various documentation fixes provided by gregor herrmann
Please send me test-reports, your experiences with this and your ideas - I love
to hear about my work!
......@@ -30,4 +30,4 @@ requires:
perl: 5.006002
version: 1.95
version: 1.96
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ Hash: SHA1
SHA1 f6ef98e8f3f6a4f670d569f279ef5a3c05c16d0c BENCHMARK
SHA1 2c6c3022349b6328c19aef613607c070900f06ec BUGS
SHA1 8a2876d6da2f90326e980d0ff723b01bdbb5a717 CHANGES
SHA1 0485536221fd19cf892cbfa5d0613eab23be9e57 CHANGES
SHA1 f27c8bd98e754f96c9825fa6ce9f1244c93bdbe6 CREDITS
SHA1 bc2db74538d3acd53f71b5512a144fe18c253ecd GOALS
SHA1 c526ad20dce6fa315a49dfc41b4d27c40f2b6576 HISTORY
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ SHA1 c42565ad26cdf91502bacf19a4f7080e63c51fe2 INSTALL
SHA1 d6a6c30ee6d9ba6b9afab8bbf6a25e1b23c744e0 LICENSE
SHA1 026e832dbd861b316a4f914359cf5c13eed1cbc3 MANIFEST
SHA1 28e0843acbc175242b0744c7a2a5b2e9397489ee MANIFEST.SKIP
SHA1 d6439bf57471376c9733332ba5e50d97bdd038b1 META.yml
SHA1 a624598995cf51ad8369850ec160cd386f488bdd META.yml
SHA1 b6542d9e43893cc2ffa79fe8884e5e5c1281699e Makefile.PL
SHA1 2ec9bfda86bb2073e9423e6a86bb6956c06ebb2f NEW
SHA1 481f5827752d2100914db1eaeb60bf0bbd13529e README
......@@ -41,10 +41,10 @@ SHA1 b721c93ca5bc9a6aa863b49af15f1b1de6125935 inc/Module/Install/
SHA1 026cc0551a0ad399d195e395b46bdf842e115192 inc/Module/Install/
SHA1 5457015ea5a50e93465bf2dafa29feebd547f85b inc/Module/Install/
SHA1 051e7fa8063908befa3440508d0584a2497b97db inc/Module/Install/
SHA1 0cc9d5d08fa9a786c09c97df3b5f46c408f929a9 lib/Math/
SHA1 da3d7366a5951720393e7393b21de1b5d8c56e7a lib/Math/
SHA1 17ef736d12e4ac821f68e156a48ee9bfb273b99d lib/Math/BigInt/
SHA1 7c7a2c81a26dc1ca7602df1dd12798713d9a1b88 lib/Math/BigInt/
SHA1 0552d20bfb0aadf3ea1753054a386cee9f5e2428 lib/Math/
SHA1 81ebbf19f44c571841edded1b210246cb7cec42f lib/Math/
SHA1 43cc6f40da81ac9f7751348ddab96f6f0123b150 lib/Math/BigInt/
SHA1 598452b37dbd4bbd2fb4c9cc559e0e0ac91f9bd8 lib/Math/BigInt/
SHA1 63d3ac167c2d98484f521ad9cbddbf306d33d8eb t/Math/BigFloat/
SHA1 309c0d093884f29111225c2108a33f0e8e028759 t/Math/BigInt/
SHA1 62deb0b9e3bf94aaf12745207efa3d858f3b878e t/Math/BigInt/
......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ SHA1 b72b5652e970010503c5a6012397e53230d380d3 t/with_sub.t
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)
libmath-bigint-perl (1.96-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
* New upstream release
-- gregor herrmann <> Sat, 02 Oct 2010 18:01:52 +0200
libmath-bigint-perl (1.95-1) unstable; urgency=low
* Initial release (closes: #597954).
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ package Math::BigFloat;
# _a : accuracy
# _p : precision
$VERSION = '1.62';
$VERSION = '1.63';
require 5.006002;
require Exporter;
......@@ -4241,7 +4241,7 @@ request a different storage class for use with Math::BigFloat:
use Math::BigFloat with => 'Math::BigInt::Lite';
However, this request is ignored, as the current code now uses the low-level
math libary for directly storing the number parts.
math library for directly storing the number parts.
=head1 EXPORTS
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ package Math::BigInt;
my $class = "Math::BigInt";
use 5.006002;
$VERSION = '1.95';
$VERSION = '1.96';
@ISA = qw(Exporter);
@EXPORT_OK = qw(objectify bgcd blcm);
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ use vars qw/$round_mode $accuracy $precision $div_scale $rnd_mode
use strict;
# Inside overload, the first arg is always an object. If the original code had
# it reversed (like $x = 2 * $y), then the third paramater is true.
# it reversed (like $x = 2 * $y), then the third parameter is true.
# In some cases (like add, $x = $x + 2 is the same as $x = 2 + $x) this makes
# no difference, but in some cases it does.
......@@ -4160,7 +4160,7 @@ versions <= 5.7.2) is like this:
=item Accuracy (significant digits)
* fround($a) rounds to $a significant digits
* only fdiv() and fsqrt() take A as (optional) paramater
* only fdiv() and fsqrt() take A as (optional) parameter
+ other operations simply create the same number (fneg etc), or more (fmul)
of digits
+ rounding/truncating is only done when explicitly calling one of fround
......@@ -4418,7 +4418,7 @@ These all might have problems handling infinity right.
The actual numbers are stored as unsigned big integers (with seperate sign).
The actual numbers are stored as unsigned big integers (with separate sign).
You should neither care about nor depend on the internal representation; it
might change without notice. Use B<ONLY> method calls like C<< $x->sign(); >>
......@@ -4465,7 +4465,7 @@ small numbers (less than about 20 digits) and when converting very large
numbers to decimal (for instance for printing, rounding, calculating their
length in decimal etc).
So please select carefully what libary you want to use.
So please select carefully what library you want to use.
Different low-level libraries use different formats to store the numbers.
However, you should B<NOT> depend on the number having a specific format
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ use 5.006002;
use strict;
# use warnings; # dont use warnings for older Perls
our $VERSION = '0.54';
our $VERSION = '0.55';
# Package to store unsigned big integers in decimal and do math with them
......@@ -2598,7 +2598,7 @@ the same terms as Perl itself.
Original math code by Mark Biggar, rewritten by Tels L<>
in late 2000.
Seperated from BigInt and shaped API with the help of John Peacock.
Separated from BigInt and shaped API with the help of John Peacock.
Fixed, speed-up, streamlined and enhanced by Tels 2001 - 2007.
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ use strict;
# use warnings; # dont use warnings for older Perls
use vars qw/$VERSION/;
$VERSION = '0.06';
$VERSION = '0.07';
package Math::BigInt;
......@@ -300,7 +300,7 @@ optional routines the low-level math package does not provide on its own.
Will be loaded on demand and called automatically by BigInt.
Stuff here is really low-priority to optimize, since it is far better to
implement the operation in the low-level math libary directly, possible even
implement the operation in the low-level math library directly, possible even
using a call to the native lib.
=head1 METHODS
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