Commit 6f0f0041 authored by Graham Knop's avatar Graham Knop

better clean rule for recipe tests in dev Makefile.PL

Rather than using shell character ranges, which are locale sensitive and
obscure the intent, use a list of files to clean.  Filtering out the one
file we don't want to clean is much clearer when done by name than by
picking globs to match everything but the one file.
parent 6509d782
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ eval MMHelper::my_package_subs();
my %args = MMHelper::mm_args();
$args{clean}{FILES} = join(' ', ($args{clean}{FILES} || ()),
't/recipes/{a,[c-zA-Z]}*', 't/recipes/basics_[a-fh-zA-Z]*',
(grep !/basics_genome_overloadingsubtypesandcoercion\.t\z/, glob('t/recipes/*')),
'xs/*.c', 'xs/*.o',
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