Commit af124a18 authored by Karen Etheridge's avatar Karen Etheridge



  - Various native trait methods would refuse "0" where they expected a
    string.  They have been fixed to allow all defined, non-reference values,
    and all objects with string, number, or boolean overloads.


  - Moose::Manual::Construction now notes that roles can modify the BUILD sub.
    (thanks, E. Choroba!)


  - adjustments have been made to the Makefile for 'bmake', so it now works
    when not run in compatibility mode (Leon Timmermans).
parent 18a585ef
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ Moose::Manual::Contributing - How to get involved in Moose
=head1 VERSION
version 2.2010
version 2.2011
=for comment CONTRIBUTING.pod is generated from lib/Moose/Manual/Contributing.pod
Also see Moose::Manual::Delta for more details of, and workarounds
for, noteworthy changes.
2.2011 2018-05-16
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