Commit 1a58a11e authored by Daniel P. Berrange's avatar Daniel P. Berrange

Updates for release 1.1.0

parent 4aac8944
Revision history for perl module Net::DBus
1.1.0 2015-03-16
- Support customizable timeouts on method calls
- Fix invocation of properties
- Fix example in object export tutorial
- Introduce a new Net::DBus:ProxyObject providing an alternative
approach for exporting objects
- Cache objects when casting to interfaces
- Treat NoReply as fatal when introspecting
- Add UNIX file descriptor passing
- Fix misc mistakes in POD docs
- Fix error when when requesting bus names
- Fix encoding of dict & variant types
- Fix decoding of signatures with nested arrays
- Update README to point to instead of
- Fix handling of select() return value
- Fix toggling of timeouts in reactor
- Add 'strict_exceptions' annotation
- Document missing constructor parameters.
1.0.0 2011-06-30
- Updated to require minimum dbus >= 1.0.0
......@@ -91,42 +91,22 @@ CONTRIBUTIONS
Contributions both simple bug fixes & new features are
always welcome. Please supply patches in context, or
unified diff format. A simple method to generate such a
patch is as follows:
* Clean out generated files from your working
make distclean
* Rename your working directory to have '-new'
mv DBus-1.0.0 DBus-1.0.0-new
* Extract a pristine copy of the source:
gunzip -c DBus-1.0.0.tar.gz | tar xf -
mv DBus-1.0.0 DBus-1.0.0-orig
* Generate the patch:
diff -ruN DBus-1.0.0-orig DBus-1.0.0-new \
> DBus-1.0.0-[something].patch
gzip DBus-1.0.0-[something].patch
Please send patches for bugs / features to the DBus
mailing list, or file a bug against Net::DBus, or
failing that send them directly to
always welcome. Please send patches for bugs / features
to the DBus mailing list, or file a bug against Net::DBus
in the Perl bug tracker, or failing that send them directly
to the author
Daniel Berrange <dan at berrange dot com>
The preferred format for patches is that produced by the
"git format-patch" command. Please use GIT if at all
possible to ensure correct author attribution of your
proposed change.
Copyright (C) 2004-2011 Daniel Berrange
Copyright (C) 2004-2015 Daniel Berrange
Net-DBus may be redistributed and/or modified under the terms of Perl itself.
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ use strict;
use warnings;
our $VERSION = '1.0.0';
our $VERSION = '1.1.0';
require XSLoader;
XSLoader::load('Net::DBus', $VERSION);
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