Commit 0511cf5c authored by Steffen Ullrich's avatar Steffen Ullrich

release as 0.815

parent ede046c2
Revision history for Net::SIP
0.815 2018-06-15
- StatelessProxy: make sure that idfrom/idto in NAT helper are based on
normalized URL, so that different writing (with comment, with <..>..) do
not affect the value. This is needed if peers use a different syntax for
the same URI during the dialog.
- use range of 2 for all RTP/ types, not only for RTP/AVP (i.e. also for
- fix/enhance documentation
0.814 2018-02-24
- fix t/20_channel_on_hold.t of IPv6 or TLS are not supported (wrong number
of skipped tests).
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ use warnings;
use 5.010;
package Net::SIP;
our $VERSION = '0.814';
our $VERSION = '0.815';
# this includes nearly everything else
use Net::SIP::Simple ();
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