Commit 5ab2fcac authored by Damyan Ivanov's avatar Damyan Ivanov

drop pod-spelling patch applied upstream

parent 542364c9
Description: wil → will typo in Net::SIP::Registrar's POD
Author: Damyan Ivanov <>
--- a/lib/Net/SIP/Registrar.pod
+++ b/lib/Net/SIP/Registrar.pod
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ C<< 423 Interval too brief >> if the req
is too small, or C<< 200 Ok >> if the expires time is 0 (e.g. the
client should be unregistered) or greater or equal B<min_expires>.
-In case of a successful response it wil also update the internal
+In case of a successful response it will also update the internal
registry information.
=item query ( ADDR )
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