Commit a4105cc7 authored by Steffen Ullrich's avatar Steffen Ullrich

updated documentation of Net::SIP::Simple::invite regarding behavior of callbacks
parent 939f42f0
......@@ -19,8 +19,8 @@ Net::SIP::Simple - Simple interface for using Net::SIP
# Register agent
# Invite other party, send anncouncement once connected
$ua->invite( 'you',
# Invite other party, send announcement once connected
my $call = $ua->invite( 'you',
init_media => $ua->rtp( 'send_recv', 'announcement.pcmu-8000' ),
asymetric_rtp => 1,
......@@ -199,6 +199,9 @@ CTX can be address of peer or context hash containing the address.
Returns with the newly created L<Net::SIP::Simple::Call> object,
which can later be used for reINVITEs or BYE etc.
Note that in order to have any callbacks triggered by the invite working
one needs to keep the returned caller object.
=item listen ( %ARGS )
Sets up waiting on all legs in C<$self> for incoming calls, e.g. new INVITE
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