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      fixes to authorization for Simple, more samples · 17f2d8ae
      Steffen Ullrich authored
      If a call was accepted within Net::SIP::Simple::listen the authorization
      information were not copied to the new call, so that a reINVITE or BYE
      from the new call to the proxy failed, if the proxy required
      - Added more example programs below samples/
      - added create_auth in Simple
      - fixed some authorization stuff in Simple
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      · 1f8a27cb
      steffen authored
      Revision history for Net::SIP
      - small performance improvements for Net::SIP::Simple::RTP
        and samples/bench
      - fixed race condition on Net::SIP::Dispatcher::Eventloop (e.g
        one callback disabled fd, but it tried to call callback for the
        disabled fd)
      - upgrade version to 0.35_1
      git-svn-id: file:///home/steffen/SVN/p5-net-sip@89 d203ea82-b825-0410-96d9-f957c86925bf
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      - version 0.32: · f7e9d50f
      steffen authored
        - Net::SIP::Registrar checks on non-REGISTER requests if the
          target it registered with itself and then rewrites the URI in
          the packet. This can be used for a combined Registar+Proxy,
          see samples/test_registrar_and_proxy.pl
        - samples/invite_and_*.pl have now option -L|--leg to specify
          a local address
      git-svn-id: file:///home/steffen/SVN/p5-net-sip@83 d203ea82-b825-0410-96d9-f957c86925bf
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      · 5e6ac448
      steffen authored
      - upgrade version of Net::SIP to 0.21
      - samples/3pcc.pl as an example how one could implement 3rd
        party call control
      - export alias for Leg from Net::SIP
      git-svn-id: file:///home/steffen/SVN/p5-net-sip@63 d203ea82-b825-0410-96d9-f957c86925bf
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      · 6902f0a9
      steffen authored
      - move some user usable stuff from samples/ to bin/
      - enhance NAT helping. Subclasses for local and remote NAT helpers.
        simplify bin/nathelper and add NAT support to bin/stateless_proxy
      - change aliases in Net::SIP a bit
      git-svn-id: file:///home/steffen/SVN/p5-net-sip@37 d203ea82-b825-0410-96d9-f957c86925bf
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      · bf0d3a7f
      steffen authored
      - make samples/stateless_proxy.pl work (tested only some parts,
        need more tests)
      - fix bugs with ip:port addresses in samples/invite_and_send.pl
        and samples/invite_and_recv.pl and samples/answer_machine.pl
      - new sample samples/nathelper.pl (appropriate sample which uses
        this nathelper need to be provided too!)
      - fixed export_to_level use in Net::SIP
      - Net::SIP::Leg new method dump for debugging
        fix handling of argument addr with host:port
      - Net::SIP::Util::sip_uri2parts allow URI without user@ (used
        in register...)
      - some fixes + enhancements in Net::SIP::NATHelper
      - bugfix Net::SIP::Dispatcher::resolve_uri for URI in format
      - new method query for Net::SIP::Registrar to query the stored
        contact data
      - document exports from Net::SIP
      git-svn-id: file:///home/steffen/SVN/p5-net-sip@36 d203ea82-b825-0410-96d9-f957c86925bf
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      · 6713d4e4
      steffen authored
      - samples/stateless_proxy.pl as example implementation
        of not so simple stateless proxy (support for multiple
        legs, outgoing proxy per leg, optional registrar per
        leg, list of domains per leg...)
      - Net::SIP::Leg->new: if no port but addr is given try
        to extract port from addr (host:port)
      - major changes on Net::SIP::StatelessProxy
        no longer uses "the other" leg as outgoing leg, but
        looks at Via:.*received= parameter in responses
        and routes in requests and uses reolve_uri method from 
        dispatcher to find out the outgoing leg in requests
        if no route is given
      - new function sip_uri2parts in Net::SIP::Util
      - Net::SIP::Simple::Call: new parameter 'sip_header'
        a hash with additional SIP headers
      - Net::SIP::Dispatcher: new keys domain2leg and leg2proxy
        for mapping legs to specific domains and proxies to
        specific legs, these keys are also accessable from 
        New method resolve_uri for getting dst_addr and legs from URI
      git-svn-id: file:///home/steffen/SVN/p5-net-sip@29 d203ea82-b825-0410-96d9-f957c86925bf
  25. 17 Jan, 2007 2 commits
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      · edadb0bb
      steffen authored
      - debugging per level instead of boolean in samples/*
      - changed some level in debug messages
      - dump methods in Net::SIP::NATHelper to aid debugging
      git-svn-id: file:///home/steffen/SVN/p5-net-sip@28 d203ea82-b825-0410-96d9-f957c86925bf
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      · 2110b9e5
      steffen authored
      - samples/invite_and_send.pl and samples/invite_and_recv.pl:
        fix case, where no proxy but registrar is given
      - samples/invite_and_recv.pl: add Option --route to add
        explicit routes
      - Net::SIP::Leg:
        - forward_incoming limits Max-Forwards header to 70 for
          security reasons
        - added forward_outgoing as pendant to forward_incoming
          (called on outging leg when forwarding packet)
        - do not add record-route to REGISTER requests
        - fix removing own route in forward_incoming
      - Net::SIP::StatelessProxy
        - instead of at_marker it now uses a callback rewrite_contact
          to rewrite contact header. More flexible.
        - fix error checks when calling forward_incoming on the leg.
        - add call to forward_outgoing on the outgoing leg.
      - Net::SIP::Dispatcher::Eventloop
        - rename addTimer to add_timer like it's named on all other
        - fix case when repeating timer cancels itself inside the
          timers callback (caused busy loop)
      - Net::SIP::Util
        - croak if sip_hdrval2parts is not used with exactly 2 arguments
          (common mistake of myself)
      - Net::SIP::Simple*
        - added 'route' to Net::SIP::Simple for predefined routes
      - new package Net::SIP::NATHelper to help in the creation of 
        proxies which NAT the RTP connections. No documentation yet
      git-svn-id: file:///home/steffen/SVN/p5-net-sip@26 d203ea82-b825-0410-96d9-f957c86925bf
  26. 12 Jan, 2007 1 commit
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      · 7a6ce966
      steffen authored
      - new sample samples/answer_machine.pl
      - upgrade version of Net::SIP
      - fix usage in samples/*
      - new methods peer in Net::SIP::Endpoint::Context and
        get_peer in Net::SIP::Simple::Call
      - fix inactivity timeout for media_send_recv in Net::SIP::Simple::RTP
      - media_send_recv, media_recv_echo can use callback for read/write
        data instead of filenames
      - documentation fixes
      git-svn-id: file:///home/steffen/SVN/p5-net-sip@24 d203ea82-b825-0410-96d9-f957c86925bf
  27. 11 Jan, 2007 2 commits
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      · e80670d8
      steffen authored
      - new sample samples/invite_and_send.pl
      - upgrade version of Net::SIP
      - Net::SIP::Util::invoke_callback can deal not
        only with references to SCALAR but only with
        refs to REF (handled the same, comes from
        assigning object to scalar ref)
      - Net::SIP::Simple::Call::reinvite - clear
        $param->{cb_final} after waiting if cb_final was 
        set to local stopvar
      git-svn-id: file:///home/steffen/SVN/p5-net-sip@23 d203ea82-b825-0410-96d9-f957c86925bf
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      · 728a364c
      steffen authored
      - new sample samples/invite_and_recv.pl
      - upgrade version of Net::SIP
      - handle_request in Net::SIP::Endpoint::Call will
        invoke callback for BYE|CANCEL before closing
        the call context
      - Net::SIP::Packet - look for method content_type
        and not content-type in object for body
      - Net::SIP::Simple::RTP::media_recv_echo:
        with delay<0 echoing back can be switched off
      - add_timer method in Net::SIP::Simple so no access
        to internal loop is necessary
      git-svn-id: file:///home/steffen/SVN/p5-net-sip@22 d203ea82-b825-0410-96d9-f957c86925bf
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