1. 27 Sep, 2019 6 commits
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      Update CHANGES · 12da877e
      Erik Huelsmann authored
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      Extend the parser to allow multiple 'Examples:' per scenario · c2e6c53e
      Erik Huelsmann authored
      Gherkin allows multiple 'Examples:' sections per scenario; this
      commit adds a Dataset model, extends the Scenario model and
      changes the parser to generate these.
      Before this commit, only an Examples section like this was supported
           | col1  |  col2 |
           | cv1   |  cv2  |
      Note the lack of a "name" (text after the ':'), absent tags before
      the 'Examples:' line and missing description block. None of those
      were supported and all are added by this commit. The following
      is now available:
        Examples: Day-examples
            These examples will be run during daytime
          | col1 | col2 |
          | dcv1 | dcv2 |
        Examples: Night-examples
            These examples will be run by night
          | col1 | col2 |
          | ncv1 | ncv2 |
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      Harness prints actual Scenario and Feature keywords (closes #149) · 3de2cddf
      Erik Huelsmann authored
      This commit addresses the fact that the harnass used to output the
      keywords 'Scenario' and 'Feature' instead of the actual ones from
      the feature file.
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      Add scenario descriptions to the harness output (closes #150) · b7b402c5
      Erik Huelsmann authored
      Scenario descriptions are supported since 0.63. They were not
      included in the output yet. This commit adds this output.
      In order to make descriptions stand out from other indented content
      (like 'conditions of satisfaction' vs 'scenarios'), indent the
      description-like content (conditions of satisfaction) by two extra
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      Release 0.64 · 0516d1c4
      Erik Huelsmann authored
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      Fix List::Util dependency broken in 0.62 · 6358cf86
      Erik Huelsmann authored
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      Release 0.63 · f058250f
      Erik Huelsmann authored
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      Centralize line type definitions · 750ad78f
      Erik Huelsmann authored
      This commit refines the criteria used to in our parser to get closer to the
      definitions used in the official Gherkin parser.
      These are its effects:
       * The background section would not be terminated by
         'Scenario Outline' only by tags, 'Scenario' and 'Background' lines
       * The scenario description block would not be terminated
         by anything other than step lines; it's valid to have scenarios
         (with a background) without scenario steps. Now, tags, examples,
         scenario and scenario outline lines will terminate the description.
  9. 14 Sep, 2019 5 commits