Commit 81582d4f authored by gregor herrmann's avatar gregor herrmann

document new autopkgtest feature

Gbp-Dch: Ignore
parent 07d5888c
......@@ -51,6 +51,11 @@ by adding them to 'debian/tests/pkg-perl/syntax-skip'. The lines are
matched as fixed substrings (not regular expressions.) Empty lines and
#-style comments are supported.
If a package has a Suggests in debian/control, the actual syntax check
in syntax.t is skipped on the assumption that some prerequisites
will be missing for some modules, unless 'debian/tests/pkg-perl/syntax-skip'
exists (which can be empty or only contain comments to check all files).
If there are additional files besides those matching '/\.pm$/'
that you'd like to check, you can specify a list of those in
'debian/tests/pkg-perl/syntax-extra'. The lines are matched as regular
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