Commit e5e77a29 authored by gregor herrmann's avatar gregor herrmann

dpt-ci-failures: add -q to wget call.

parent 0befc68e
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ my $versioning;
my $cachedir = $ENV{XDG_CACHE_HOME} || $ENV{HOME} . '/.cache';
my $packagesfile = File::Spec->catfile($cachedir, "$dist-$arch.json");
unlink $packagesfile unless $keepcache;
system("wget$dist/${arch}/packages.json -O $packagesfile")
system("wget -q$dist/${arch}/packages.json -O $packagesfile")
if ! -f $packagesfile;
open(IN, "<$packagesfile") or die("open $packagesfile: $!");
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