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    • Niko Tyni's avatar
      autopkgtest/smoke: run prove with --recurse · a3726a34
      Niko Tyni authored
      This takes away most needs for the smoke-tests configuration file,
      and seems to work for at least libimager-perl and libdancer2-perl.
      Thanks to Alex Muntada for the idea.
  8. 02 Sep, 2016 1 commit
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      autopkgtest/smoke: add the test directory to @INC · fe96c9e0
      Niko Tyni authored
      As of perl 5.22.2-4, cwd is no longer on @INC. See
      for the background.
      A number of test suites do things like 'require "t/foo.pm"', which
      now fails. This has been worked around at build time by changes in
      debhelper and cdbs (see #832436 and #836110), for at least the stretch
      release cycle, so the autopkgtest checks need to follow suit.
      Adding cwd to @INC would risk masking real runtime functionality
      regressions that we want to catch, so we use just the absolute directory
      where the test suite is copied.
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    • Niko Tyni's avatar
      Support executing debian/tests/pkg-perl/smoke-setup as a last resort · 744754c9
      Niko Tyni authored
      A small number of packages need specific tweaks like creating
      directories or generating part of the test suite before actually
      running it, and there's a point where declarative configuration
      just doesn't work anymore.
      Closes: #799486
    • Niko Tyni's avatar
      Make it possible to override the prove --merge option · 5d358a74
      Niko Tyni authored
      Setting PKG_PERL_PROVE_ARGS="" in debian/tests/pkg-perl/smoke-env
      will override the default usage of the --merge option.
      The vast majority of test suites work fine with --merge, so opt-out
      should be OK.
      As this introduces a possibility of stderr output, we need to explicitly
      redirect it to stdout. Lots of test suites use stderr for diag() and
      the like.
      Closes: #799444
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    • Niko Tyni's avatar
      Add support for debian/tests/pkg-perl/env-smoke · 67a8b551
      Niko Tyni authored
      Closes: #763541
      This file makes it possible to list environment variable assignments in
      the form name=value, on separate lines.  Empty lines and #-style comments
      are supported.
      The default environment settings (currently AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 and
      NONINTERACTIVE_TESTING=1) are still applied when this file exists, but
      they can be overridden with other values. The TDIR variable can be used
      to refer to the temporary testing directory.
  15. 21 Sep, 2014 4 commits
    • Niko Tyni's avatar
      autopkgtest/smoke: skip t/97meta.t by default · 824c6b64
      Niko Tyni authored
      The cargo culted version of this runs author tests when AUTOMATED_TESTING
      is set, requiring a META.yml file.
      An example affected package is liborlite-statistics-perl.
    • Niko Tyni's avatar
      autopkgtest/smoke: skip t/04critic.t by default · 8fd06b19
      Niko Tyni authored
      The cargo culted version of this runs author tests when AUTOMATED_TESTING
      is set, requiring an extra module (Test::Perl::Critic).
      An example affected package is libhttp-body-perl.
    • Niko Tyni's avatar
      autopkgtest/smoke: don't run test.pl with prove · e912333f
      Niko Tyni authored
      This mirrors ExtUtils::MakeMaker behaviour; not all test.pl files
      speak TAP.
      An example affected package is libgetopt-simple-perl.
    • Niko Tyni's avatar
      autopkgtest/smoke: survive empty t/ directories · c60a8e6c
      Niko Tyni authored
      The "ls" call is sort of unnecessary, improvements welcome.
      Using "ls -d" is just a safeguard for weirdly named subdirectories like
      t/dir.t/, which we hopefully don't have in the archive.
      An example affected package is libhtml-formfu-model-dbic-perl.
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