Commit af474ada authored by Ondrej Sury's avatar Ondrej Sury

php5 5.6.30+dfsg-0+deb8u1

parent a3ff125d
php5 (5.6.30+dfsg-0+deb8u1) jessie-security; urgency=medium
* Allow relaxed ; priority=<num> parsing (Closes: #783246)
* New upstream version 5.6.30+dfsg
- [CVE-2016-10158] FPE when parsing a tag format.
- [CVE-2016-10159] Crash while loading hostile phar archive
- [CVE-2016-10160] Memory corruption when loading hostile phar
- [CVE-2016-10161] Heap out of bounds read on unserialize in finish_nested_data()
* Rebase patches on top of PHP 5.6.30
-- Ondřej Surý <> Wed, 25 Jan 2017 15:19:43 +0100
php5 (5.6.29+dfsg-0+deb8u1) jessie-security; urgency=high
* Imported Upstream version 5.6.29+dfsg
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