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    * Cmake migration. Done by Andrew Wilkins. Many thanks to him · dd8713ff
    Sylvestre Ledru authored
      - Update patches to set SONAME in CMake build
      - Create symlinks with ".links", don't install from build tree
      - Remove LLVM-internal tools (lit, FileCheck, not, tblgen, etc.)
      - Remove llvm-X.Y-tools package, because it contained only
        internal tools that are not intended for distribution.
      - Remove autotools-specific artifacts from packages.
      - Remove "dummy" documentation artifacts from llvm-X.Y-docs
        package. Not built/installed by CMake, not useful.
      - Update control/rules to support CMake
      - Patch LLDB SWIG interfaces to workaround a bug in SWIG
        See https://llvm.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=25468
      - add missing files to clang-format
      - Add patch to fix sanitizer lit invocation
      - removed LLVM-internal tools (lit, FileCheck, not, *-tblgen, etc.);
        not installed by CMake, not intended for distribution
      - removed llvm-X.Y-tools (contained only internal tools)
      - removed autotools-specific artifacts (configure, Makefile, etc.)
      - removed dummy documentation files
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